Welcome to Roving Blue®, located in Wisconsin, USA! 

Roving Blue is a Wisconsin company that’s been building advanced, portable ozone water purification systems since 2014.

Our products are different. They harness “The Power of EO3™”, electrolytically produced ozone. It is hands down the safest and most efficient way to make aqueous ozone, or ozone dissolved in water.

Water with ozone in it, is more powerful than chlorine, so its great for making drinking water safer (and better tasting), for cleaning things like fruits and veggies, and for sanitizing tanks like water tanks and water lines.

The best thing? Ozone reverts to plain old oxygen quickly, so nothing is left behind but peace of mind

What We Do

Roving Blue’s “MVP” water purification device will allow your typical U.S. Army rifle platoon of 40 soldiers to autonomously resupply themselves on the battlefield for many days with fresh drinking water for about .50 cents per gallon

  • Roving Blue Products extends operations without stress on sustainment operations.
  • Roving Blue products make clean pure water that sanitizes.
  • Roving Blue eliminates water’s shelf life  

For additional information, we invite you to visit our complete line of commercial products at RovingBlue.com