Welcome to Roving Blue®, located in Wisconsin, USA! 

We are a small business proud to be building advanced, portable water purification systems that harness the purifying power of ozone for use around the world. Jim and Yana founded Roving Blue to scratch that itch for helping the world through technology.  Both engineers by trade they have a love of the outdoors spending their time hiking, camping and fishing and found their expeditions were always cut short or defined in length by their water supply.  Roving Blue was born due to their desire to have clean purified water on their expeditions.

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What We Do

Roving Blue water purification devices will allow your typical U.S. Army rifle platoon of 40 soldiers to autonomously resupply themselves on the battlefield for many days with fresh drinking water for about .50 cents per gallon

  • Roving Blue Products extends operations without stress on sustainment operations.
  • Roving Blue products make clean pure water that sanitizes.
  • Roving Blue eliminates water’s shelf life  

For additional information, we invite you to visit our complete line of commercial products at RovingBlue.com