Use: lightweight water purification for forward operating or expeditionary units

    • Will produce  at least 175 gallons of pure water every 24hrs
    • Triple Stage Mechanical Filtration:
    • Dual Stage Biological Filtration
    • No chemicals to buy
    • Effectively eliminates all known microorganisms
    • Eliminates bad tastes and smells
    • Output water provides sanitizing capability
  • Flexible power; AC/DC, commercial/military battery, solar

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The Roving Blue MVP-M™ Water Purification System is a patented system that utilizes the latest micro-ozone technology for highly effective microbiological control. No other portable water purification system offers all of these benefits:

Triple Stage Mechanical Filtration:

  • Featuring the advanced Nephros Nano-Blue™ filter cartridge trio, which will filter down to 5 nanometers (smallest known virus is  20 nm). This filter is P-248 Certified. 

Dual Stage Biological Filtration

    • Silver/Carbon filters, followed by dissolved Ozone
  • Ozo-Flow 50™ in-line ozone generator produces dissolved ozone for sanitizing power far greater than chlorine – with no harmful THM residuals.  When its job is done, ozone reverts to oxygen.

No chemicals to buy

Effective against dangerous microorganisms

Eliminates bad tastes and smells

Flexible power

  • (10V-30V) allows for use in vehicles, commercial and military battery (5590/2590), proven solar operation

Quiet operation

Long filter life and easy filter replacement: change filter pack every 1000 gallons



Weight: Approx. 25 lbs., 11.33 kg

Size: L 18.7″ x W 14.8″ x H 7″ (L 475mm x W 376mm x H 178mm)

Output: Approx. 1.5 liters (3 water bottles) per minute

Made in U.S.A. Product

Avg. Ozone dosage:  1PPM

Ozone residual: .1 to .4 mg/l *

*.1 to .4mg/l represents FDA required ozone residual levels for bottled water

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