OZO – 50 / 10 / 1000


  • Same technology as the Ozo-Pod™, in-situ industrial ozone generators designed for larger water storage vessels from 10 gallon bladders to 450 gallon water buffalos.
  • Doesn’t rely upon atmospheric oxygen to produce ozone.
  • Ozo-Pods™ make ozone from the water itself.
  • Intended as a potable water sustainment product for tanks and bladders enabling the long term storage of potable water or the re-sanitation of same.
  • Will bring stored water to 1PPM of ozone within minutes.  

The Ozo-Pod™ 10, 50, and 1000 Ozone Water Generators consist of the ozone water generator, the power cable, and if required, any necessary power supplies. These devices are designed to be used with water determined to be potable prior to being contained in storage tanks or bladders. The units are fully immersed into the water and the power is applied.

The Ozo-Pods™ immediately begin to produce almost microscopic bubbles of ozone gas.  Unlike corona-arc ozone production technologies which rely upon atmospheric oxygen to produce ozone, Roving Blue Ozo-Pods™ make ozone from the water itself, eliminating the need for air pumps, tubing and airstones. 

Product Comparison Chart