Use: Patented lightweight water purification for forward operating or expeditionary units:

    • Will produce  at least 175 gallons of pure water every 24hrs
    • Triple Stage Mechanical Filtration:
    • Dual Stage Biological Filtration
    • No chemicals to buy
    • Effectively eliminates all known microorganisms
    • Eliminates bad tastes and smells
    • Output water provides sanitizing capability
  • Flexible power; AC/DC, commercial/military battery, solar

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Ozo-Pod™ 10

Use: Appropriate for a Jerry can or other water container.

    • Purifies whatever it comes in contact with
    • Within minutes brings 5 gallons of water up to 1PPM ozone concentration
    • encased in stainless steel 
    • utilizes an advanced method to produce ozone in the water.
    • No moving parts to wear out or clog.
    • a truly “green” water purification method.
  • Tasteless  and odorless

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 OZO – 50 / 10 / 1000

    • Same technology as the Ozo-Pod™, designed for larger water storage vessels from 10 gallon bladders to 450 gallon water buffalos.
    • Doesn’t rely upon atmospheric oxygen to produce ozone.
    • Ozo-Pods™ make ozone from the water itself.
    • Intended as a potable water sustainment product for tanks and bladders enabling the long term storage of potable water or the re-sanitation of same.
  • Will bring stored water to 1PPM of ozone within minutes.  

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  • Advanced Technology
  • Fast-Acting
  • Ultra-Portable
  • No Waste
  • Allows for the safe  consumption of water taken from fresh water sources
  • Also provides personal sanitation for open wounds or scratches to hold off infection or disinfect same should infection occur.

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