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  • natural disasters, water supply, clean water, portable water purification
  • portable water purification, ozone water treatment, natural disaster, water supply, clean water
  • military, water supply, autonomous resupply
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Welcome to Roving Blue® Defense

Roving Blue® ozone-based water purification devices, driven by the “The Power of EO3™”, will allow your typical U.S. Army rifle platoon of 40 soldiers to autonomously resupply themselves on the battlefield with fresh drinking water for a fraction of the $5.00 per gallon research has found it costs the government for bottled water.

Pictured left to right: CDR Chip Laingen, Executive Director, Defense Alliance, Major General Neil Loidolt, Commander 34th Infantry Division, Marianna “Yana” DeMyer, CEO Roving Blue,  James Gilmet, CFO Roving Blue

“Roving Blue® was the proud recipient of the “Architect of Defense” award [because they make] a highly ruggedized, portable water filtration device for military expeditionary use, and for the commercial outdoor, and disaster preparedness and response markets.  The startup company demonstrated superior tenacity in listening to and responding to military customer design inputs to improve its products, and innovative commercialization efforts.”

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